Maintenance Services

Maintaining your workstations and networks ensures your businesses assets are more protected, offers a longer life on your computers and networks, and helps you operate at top productivity while continuing to grow as a business. Onsite’s network management and maintenance services, ensures at all time that this equipment is monitored and routinely serviced so it is optimized for your users. Take advantage of a free evaluation of your network. On-Site Technology experts will identify any problems and recommend solutions for your unique technology requirements

Server Maintenance

Our comprehensive server maintenance program includes preventative measures to reduce business interruption and downtime. We evaluate your servers’ antivirus, email, RAID, backup, critical updates and cooling system operations. We also go the extra step to clean unwanted and temporary files. We will run regular defragmentation to further maximize the performance of your vital servers.

Network Maintenance and Security

Its funny we still have some of the same problems with computers now that they had on the first machines built. But even with cutting-edge computers, the fact is that these systems are complex collections of machines performing millions of calculations. In addition, networks are required to protect your valuable data from human error, viruses and spyware. For this reason, your network and the data it contains are your most valuable asset. On-Site Technology has the expertise to develop the most effective and affordable method of maintaining and securing your networks.

Desktop Support

One of the most challenging issues facing IT departments is properly supporting the end user so they achieve maximum productivity. To do so, IT staff must optimize the productive time of the user’s desktop and protect the value of these assets. Today’s employees have expectations of 24 x 7 accessibility to their desktops through email, Internet, and mobile devices. Managing these expectations requires skilled support specialists, adequate technologies and superior communication with the end user.

Remote Support

We will service your remote and traveling users with the latest, most secure remote access tools, so that they’re productive when on the go. Microsoft's integrated remote support applications enable us to take control of your desktops, mobile devices, and servers, just as if we were physically Onsite. By utilizing effective remote support, On-Site Technology is able to reduce your support expenditures by minimizing the number of on-site service calls. This allows your issues to be resolved faster, making your users more productive, and minimizing costs at the same time.

Workstation Maintenance

In order for each individual user to add value to the business, their workstations must work fast and efficiently. The last thing that any business wants is lost productivity due to a lack of access to their technological equipment. Our workstation maintenance services include thoroughly cleaning dust, checking vital cooling system fans, and verifying the status of all anti-virus, adware and spyware program scans. We also apply critical Microsoft updates, clean temporary files and run defragmentation on each workstation. OnSite Technology takes pride in knowing that the investment made in your workstations is protected and optimized.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance has evolved from its earlier use as a static method of monitoring past events, to a proactive means to improve both security and efficiency in a business environment. Video monitoring can be a productivity enhancement in the following areas: Remote Management – Video gives business managers the ability to access systems and check on employees in real time. Tracking Shrinkage – With integration into a point of sale system, videos can be used to verify and view suspicious transactions.

Protect Your Data & Your Business

Regular data backups are crucial in the small business world, where the failure to backup sensitive information can lead to huge losses. You're well aware of the need for these backups, and yet, left to your own devices, you often neglect to stay up to date. That’s why you need targeted business data backup solutions customized to your specific demands.

When you require a reliable backup system, your best choice is OnSite Technology. We offer a range of data backup and recovery solutions. Whether you're on the hunt for proactive options or need assistance amid digital emergency, you can count on our team for prompt service!

About Us

On-Site Technology products and services offer a complete solution for your technology requirements. With our wide range of resources, we can assist you with a specific project, or take full responsibility for your IT support. Our experts will meet with you to develop a customized plan that offers strategic solutions with optimal cost effectiveness and business value. Our products are briefly reviewed below. Visit the products page for more detailed information or contact us directly for a discussion of your specific needs.

Since our founding in Woodbridge, VA of 1996, businesses across Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland have benefited from our unique brand of comprehensive, affordable and personalized IT support. Our difference from others is our personalized service delivered by our expertise of people. OnSite Technology offers a wide range of worry-free IT support services, including our Network Support plans, Managed Services, Network Installation and Integration, Security and Project Consulting .

Why chose us

Well because we offer all technological capabilities, infinite solutions, and personal yet special service. We support your network of systems and programs so that you can get back to your business with no worries. Our multi-experienced staff can solve any and all IT problems. We combine modern thinking with a unfathomable knowledge of cutting-edge technologies to develop strategies that will maximize your IT infrastructure and investment. We have partnered with leaders in all kinds of IT technologies to provide the strongest foundation for your IT support. As experts in the full lifecycle of old and new technological advancements, you will have your own personal resource for any technological requirement. Because of our expertise in IT support, we are able to evaluate your infrastructure and develop a customized solution that works with your company's strategy and budget necessities.


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