Data Backup & Recovery Services

Protect Your Data & Your Business

Regular data backups are crucial in the small business world, where the failure to backup sensitive information can lead to huge losses. You’re well aware of the need for these backups, and yet, left to your own devices, you often neglect to stay up to date. That’s why you need targeted business data backup solutions customized to your specific demands.
When you require a reliable backup system, your best choice is OnSite Technology. We offer a range of data backup and recovery solutions. Whether you’re on the hunt for proactive options or need assistance amid a digital emergency, you can count on our team for prompt service!
In the event of a breach or power outage, you want to know that your data is safe. This peace of mind is only available if you seek data backups before issues outside of your control arise.
Ideally, you will work with a company dedicated to providing data backup solutions for small businesses.
At OnSite Technology, we can deliver commercial data backup for a variety of files and documents. These include:

What Is the Best Solution for Business Data Backup?

Data backup requirements can look dramatically different from one business to the next. A lot depends on the type of files you need to be secured. Industry-related compliance issues may also come into play. While no one solution is ideal for every company, the experts at OnSite Technology can determine which options are best for your specific situation.
Local area networks (LAN) are popular solutions for a variety of companies. This approach involves backing up files to a separate server, which may need additional protection to limit theft potential. In other situations, cloud backups might be preferable. At OnSite Technology, we can help you assess and implement both options.
It’s also important to consider how often you should back up files and to what extent the process is required. Depending on your small business needs, full, incremental, or differential backups may be required. Our Nerds can help you understand the differences between these solutions, including potential benefits or drawbacks.

Data Recovery

Perhaps you neglected small business backups and are now facing the prospect of considerable data loss. Don’t throw in the towel just yet — it might not be too late to recover files you assumed were gone for good. First, however, you’ll need to get in touch with a business IT support company that provides data recovery solutions.
At OnSite Technology, we understand how easy it can be to fall behind on data backups. While we emphasize the importance of proactive solutions, we also realize that you may require our recovery services from time to time. Should you suffer data loss, you can look to us to seek every possible solution to restore your files. We offer a fast turnaround, as we recognize the importance of limiting downtime for your business.

Preventing Future Data Loss

Our experts at OnSite Technology are passionate about providing proactive solutions for top commercial IT concerns. We believe that backing up your devices provides an excellent start, but this is just one element of improving security for your business. We can also address the many overarching issues that could potentially lead to data loss in the first place.
A variety of preventable problems result in lost files, including cyberattacks and hardware or software failures. We offer a range of services designed to limit the potential for such issues. Our comprehensive approach will protect your small business and make you far more confident in your digital future.
No matter which files you need backed up or recovered or which additional small business IT services you require, you can depend on the OnSite Technology team to provide prompt, reliable service.
Let us take care of data backup and recovery processes so you can focus on the day-to-day concerns of running your small business. Don’t leave your data vulnerable — get started with a commercial data backup solution today.